Personal Health


Health Evaluation Programs

Intended for men and women who seek a baseline health assessment, this screening evaluation is client centered, age and gender specific and evidence based. Key features include a comprehensive nursing evaluation with lab tests and a complete assessment of your health by a dedicated physician. We invite you to a full results review with the medical staff who performed your health evaluation and you will be provided with an electronic medical report. If needed, our team of nurses and physicians who perform your medical evaluation is available to help you in case of injury or illness.


Health Assessments for men and women


Health Assessments for young adults


24/7/365 Service


Nutrition counselling

AXIO Health Group believes balanced nutrition is a key factor in healthy living and optimal performance on the playing field, on the stage, at the office or in your activities of daily living. Sports nutrition allows you to get the most out of your workout and to optimize your recovery, while your daily diet lends itself to improved health and a better overall level of energy.


Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record

In conjunction with Athlete RMS, AXIO provides web-based secure access to an electronic health record for our patients. Ideal for our patients who are travelling and wish to grant secure access to other health professionals if need be.


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