Personal Health


Health & Wellness Programs

Designed for men, women, adolescents and young adults who want to take control of their health, our Health and Wellness Programs include a baseline assessment and an age-specific and evidence based diagnosis centered on the individual. Key features include a nurse's assessment and a complete review by the physician dedicated to your health. The Adult Program also includes full and gender specific laboratory tests. You will be invited to a review of the results with the physician who performed your assessment and you will have access to your electronic medical record. If needed, you can count on the availability of our team of physicians, nurses and other health professionals in case of injury or illness.


Health Assessments for adults

The annual health assessment for adults, men and women, offers a special opportunity to share your worries and concerns and to become aware of your state of health.

At AXiO Health Group we promote health, disease prevention and early diagnosis. We perform a complete review of your medical records and we listen attentively to you. We take the time to identify physical or mental health issues, and answer your questions fully to ensure your peace of mind. Our physicians and health professionals develop and maintain a relationship of trust with you.


Health Assessments for young adults

AXiO Health Group has designed a program specifically for adolescents and young adults aged 12 to 24, to promote their blossoming and development. Our program is designed to provide adolescents and young adults an assessment of their health specifically at this period of life. The initial health check includes an assessment of their physical health and mental health. It enables the discussion of all the topics that preoccupy them, such as bullying, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, online over-consumption, lack of physical activity, obesity, pressures at school, depression, stress and anxiety, insomnia, learning and hyperactivity disorders, physical training, smoking cessation and any other topic the adolescent or young adult would like to discuss.


24/7/365 Service

In a digital age where everything happens at a crazy pace, nothing is more valuable than a real conversation with a physician for a medical need or to ease your worry.

 Whether at night, during the weekend or a statutory holiday, your calls will be answered at any time by the AXiO Health Group physicians who also work in the hospitals of the public health network, which allows an optimal continuity of care in the event of serious illness or injury.


Nutrition counselling

The AXiO Health Group believes that balanced nutrition is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle for optimal performance at the office, on the playing field or in your daily activities. Good management of your daily diet leads to better health and an increase in your energy level. Nutrition consultations are relevant for the following situations:

  • Healthy weight management (weight loss and control in a healthy way)
  • Optimization and monitoring of body composition
  • Control of digestive symptoms (nausea, gastric reflux, bloating)
  • Control of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia)
  • Control of symptoms of inflammatory diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, arthritis)
  • Control of eating disorders and any bad relationship with food

Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record

In conjunction with Athlete RMS, AXIO provides web-based secure access to an electronic health record for our patients. Ideal for our patients who are travelling and wish to grant secure access to other health professionals if need be.


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