Corporate Health

Good health is in your company’s best interests.


Executive Health Evaluations

Tailored to the top tier executive or partner, AXiO Health Group offers personalised client–centered, age specific and evidence based corporate annual health evaluations. Our patients benefit from comfortable and peaceful surroundings in our prime locations and year round extended services is available in the case of injury or illness.


Health Assessments


24/7/365 Service


Office Ergonomics

AXiO Health Group offers you personalized service for a healthy work environment. Cynthia Carsley, a physiotherapist with over 20 years expertise in the field of occupational health and ergonomics, works with clients experiencing musculoskeletal disorders and offers advice regarding such factors as seating and computer workstation configuration. Our goal is to ensure our clients benefit from a more productive and less painful workday.


Nutrition counselling


Onsite Flu Vaccination Program


Onsite medical services

Whether it be as a lunch and learn or a special presentation during employee health week, our interdisciplinary medical team of health professionals is ready to tailor a corporate program to meet your needs on your turf. From topics as varied as office ergonomics, to exercise and nutrition counselling, to massage therapy and CPR training, let AXiO Health Group advise your team. 


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