Corporate Health

Good health is in your company’s best interests.


Health & Wellness Program for executives and senior management

Custom-tailored for a corporate clientele, our personalized medical assessment programs are age-specific, evidence-based, and centered on the client. Trained in family medicine, our physicians stand apart with their advanced expertise in sports medicine and physical activity and are ideally equipped to supervise fitness programs or fitness plans. Our clients enjoy a serene and comfortable environment in our prime location in the center of the city. Subsequent consultations covered by Medicare are possible in case of emergency or illness.


Health Assessments

The annual health assessment offers a special opportunity to share your worries and concerns and to become aware of your state of health.

At AXiO Health Group we promote health, disease prevention and early diagnosis. We perform a complete review of your medical records and we listen attentively to you. We take the time to identify physical or mental health issues, and answer your questions fully to ensure your peace of mind. Our physicians and health professionals develop and maintain a relationship of trust with you.


Office Ergonomics

AXiO Health Group offers you personalized service for a healthy work environment. Cynthia Carsley, a physiotherapist with over 20 years expertise in the field of occupational health and ergonomics, works with clients experiencing musculoskeletal disorders and offers advice regarding such factors as seating and computer workstation configuration. Our goal is to ensure our clients benefit from a more productive and less painful workday.


Nutrition counselling

The AXiO Health Group believes that balanced nutrition is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle for optimal performance at the office, on the playing field or in your daily activities. Good management of your daily diet leads to better health and an increase in your energy level. Nutrition consultations are relevant for the following situations:

  • Healthy weight management (weight loss and control in a healthy way)
  • Optimization and monitoring of body composition
  • Control of digestive symptoms (nausea, gastric reflux, bloating)
  • Control of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia)
  • Control of symptoms of inflammatory diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, arthritis)
  • Control of eating disorders and any bad relationship with food

Onsite Flu Vaccination Program

AXiO Health Group supports businesses in their efforts to fight against the adverse effects of seasonal flu, to prevent its propagation and to protect the health of their employees. An influenza infection causes various illnesses and can be asymptomatic, mild and without complications, or severe with complications. While most people recover in seven to ten days, the infection can get worse and some people are more likely to have flu-related complications and be hospitalized. Call on our qualified medical team to coordinate and run a vaccination clinic at your workplace, in order to reduce your absenteeism rate.


Onsite medical services

Whether it be as a lunch and learn or a special presentation during employee health week, our interdisciplinary medical team of health professionals is ready to tailor a corporate program to meet your needs on your turf. From topics as varied as office ergonomics, to exercise and nutrition counselling, to massage therapy and CPR training, let AXiO Health Group advise your team. 


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